Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Wedding Planning Internships

One of the most frequent emails I receive this time of year, and one of my highest "search words" that leads people to my website, are all about Wedding Planning Internships. I loved having an intern last summer, and I think she really enjoyed all that she learned!

This summer we will not be hosting any internships at J.Bailey Occasions. With the brand new baby boy in tow, I have decided to take the time to get to know what this new life and schedule will look like. I know that there will be days that won't go exactly as planned, and I don't want anyone else's summer experience to be a negative one because everything is so up in the air with a newborn!

I wish all of the planners-to-be the very best in finding summer positions. I know that all of the professional planners value your enthusiasm and willingness to work to learn, and you are a truly precious asset to any company! Thanks for checking in!

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