Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby & Bed Rest

Hey everyone! It's been a busy week at J.Bailey Occasions between the FABULOUS wedding weekend of Lucy & Chris {MUCH MORE TO COME!} and the progress of my pregnancy! Always exciting around here...

I am going to be off of work for at least the next few days, as I have been instructed to be taking it super easy/on bed rest at least through my next doctor's appointment, which is Tuesday, March 23rd. At that point I will be 38 weeks along and we would be comfortable inducing if we had to! I am working on keeping baby Dyer in the "oven" until then and keeping my blood pressure down in the mean time, so no work over the next few days for this momma.

We will re-evaluate on Tuesday and hopefully have a baby in our arms not too long after that! Your patience and understanding is GREATLY appreciated while we work on being healthy!

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