Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unique Boutonnieres for the Stylish Groom

Wow! I never imagined how hard it would be for so many of my brides to select a boutonniere for the guy in her life. We go round about with flowers, trying to select one that isn't too feminine or too big. Sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...but now I've found something that could be Juuuuust Right for your handsome hubby-to-be. Check out Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres!

So think about that unique side of your man. Is he an outdoorsman, a golfer, a chef, a rockstar? Does he love Star Wars, the Cardinals, or computers? Surprise him with a boutonniere fit just for him. The Fritts website has MANY more options to choose from, and they do custom design!

Don't be afraid to take a "risk" and think outside the traditional box on elements like this for your wedding. Details that are truly personal are appreciated & talked about by guests.

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