Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Mini-Trip

I am currently packing for my mini-trip that will take me out of the office Friday, June 26th through Tuesday, June 30th. We will be back in the office on Wednesday, July 1st and Thursday, July 2nd and then gone again for the holiday weekend.

This weekend I will be enjoying something that I have loved for about 8 years now. What is it? Pi Beta Phi!! Yes, my college sorority. I am traveling as the Alum Advisor for the collegiate girls who will be attending and learning so much at the National Convention, and hopefully bringing home some BIG awards. {They have been the #1 chapter internationally for the past 2 years!} It will be great for me, as I will get to sit back and watch the workings of this Convention planned for the masses.

It may seem geeky to still care about my old college sorority, but there are so many things I "owe" to it. It brought me some of my very best friends, above all else, but for my business it brought me a lot as well. Not only did I begin planning events while I was an officer in the chapter, I also took on a great leadership role as the President of the house. While in this role I learned so many things that I use in my business today, and can look back and attribute many of my successes to the things I learned during those days...

People Management
Budget Management
Risk Management
Social Event Management
Confrontation Skills
Encouraging Others
Servant Leadership
Representing a Company, People, and a National Organization
And SOOOOO much more!

It is an honor to be an advisor for the girls who are in college today, enjoying the fun of Pi Phi. Through volunteering for the chapter I am also getting to put my Masters Degree to good use every now and then, which is great! So, yes it may be a little geeky to still get excited for the girls and sing the Ring Ching loud and proud, but I love it and always will & I am thankful for all that Pi Beta Phi taught me. What groups were you a part of in the past that, at the time, you may not have realized how much they were teaching you? If you learned something from them that helped you get to where you are today remember to GIVE BACK and encourage those who are in that oblivious learning period now.

If you are an aspiring professional, seek out the opportunities that you can learn from in your organizations. Remember that these are resume and character builders, and many times can work as great networking tools for you.

Enjoy your weekend!

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