Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Forget the guestbook...

These days there are so many fun, creative ideas to remember the guests who shared your wedding day with you. The options here are great because they get your guests a little more involved than just simply signing their names.

~Wishing Tree: Set up some pretty branches in a pretty vase filled with water or even acrylic sparkly beads. Provide small squares or circles of paper (I like to use pretty scrapbook papers) with a ribbon tied at the top. Guests then write you a message and hang it on the "tree."

~Make a Quilt: Provide small squares of various fabrics for guests to write a message on for you. After the wedding, take the squares to a quilter and have them make you a nice cozy blanket. Some places even offer stitching over what was written so you never have to worry about fading.

~Try a Photo Booth: These are becoming more & more popular, and are always a hit with guests. Photo booths usually allow 4-5 photos to be taken, and multiple strips to be printed. Provide a book next to the booth where guests can include a photo or photo strip with a message to you. The strip they take home will double as their favor!

~Use your engagement photos: Check out how local photographer Dale Benfield uses engagement photos to create a guest book. There is more room for your guests to write a message to you, and they get to see the fun you've had with an amazing photographer! Check out Dale's website at www.benfieldphotography.net!

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Benfield Photography said...

Great ideas, as always! I love being creative about this. I mean, the old-school guestbook is definitely a thing of the past!!