Monday, January 28, 2008

Honoring those you love...

Many times in ceremonies or at events you see that floral arrangements are placed in honor or in memory of someone loved by the couple. Here are a few new ideas on how to honor those special people in your ceremony.

~"Something Old": For the bride, she has to have something old! You could consider wrapping your bouquet with an old hanky or a pretty beaded necklace. Another idea is if there is a special piece of jewelry, you could wear it or adorn your bridal ensemble with it. Consider a broach in your hair, or tied to the sash of your dress.

~Carry a photo in a small way: You can purchase a tiny photo frame and ribbon that attaches to your bouquet. You can give this to your florist and ask them to include it while assembling your pieces. These are available for purchase through J.Bailey Occasions.

~Music: Choose a song or musical piece that your loved one enjoyed, and that you do as well. It could be your special music or something simply played during your prelude.

~Flowers: Besides placing an arrangement in someone's honor, consider choosing one single flower to be placed in your bouquet. You can choose one that stands out and is noticeable, or choose one that only you would see.

These are all subtle, special ways to remember those you love who cannot be with you on your wedding day.

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