Friday, January 28, 2011

Have you heard? A Proposal Contest!

For brides-to-be and brides of 1, 10, 25, and even 50's a fun contest for you! Remember the day that your honey got down on his knee and asked you to be his forever? Think back...think about all of the details. Now, read on for this exciting proposal contest from Sincerely Yours Paper! The rest is written by Amy herself...

It's a Sincerely Yours Paper Wedding Proposal Contest! {cheer and applause...harps playing....doves cooing}

And the best part?! ANYONE who has been proposed to can enter! If you are recently engaged, a newlywed, married for 16 years like me or have experienced 50 years of wedded bliss... YOU CAN ENTER!

But here's the catch...PAPER MUST BE INVOLVED IN YOUR PROPOSAL STORY! For example...
Did your groom pen you a note?
Was your ring wrapped in a little paper bag?
Were you read a poem from a piece of paper?
Did you have dinner in a pizza parlor with the proposal written on a paper table cloth?
Did you eat cupcakes in paper wrappers?
Was your husband in a war and asked you in a letter?
Were you at a ballgame with paper tickets?
Did your hubby propose to you at a yummy surprise picnic on paper plates?
{that's part of MY story!}
Deck of cards? Paper airplane? Special book?

Ok, now for more of the details head over to Amy's blog and see how to enter, when to enter, and best of all what the winning stash is! And someone that you just might know & love just MAY be on the panel to help select the top stories! {Wink!}

And just for fun, a really adorable proposal video! He used paper, too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome 2011

So 2011 may have come around, oh say 27 days ago, but I haven't squealed 'Happy New Year' to you yet! So....HAPPY NEW YEAR! This upcoming year is going to be a fun one, filled with blushing brides with weddings styled in fun, new exciting ways.

I'd love to introduce you to our newest brides & grooms for 2011...

Meredith & Dale will be married in an intimate Italian wedding, but we'll be celebrating back in Fayetteville with a funky-rustic reception!

Of course this image is from Benfield Photography!

Sarah and Brady are hosting an art-deco styled Spring fete on the grounds of Pratt Place Inn and Barn in early May.

Photo by Danielle Davis

Lauren and Ryan are having a sweetheart's hometown wedding back in Mountain Home, Arkansas where many surprises are in store for everyone. Think Southern and sparkly for Memorial Day Weekend!

Another image from Benfield Photography

Lisa and Joseph will say 'I Do' as we transform a space from blank canvas to whimsical chic. And maybe, just maybe Joseph will get a koala bear in there somehow. {wink!}

Micah and Jarred, a Colorado Springs duo, are planning a sweet riverfront soiree in Fort Smith. First, they'll make it official in Micah's home church at Grand Avenue Baptist before we dance outside under the stars!

Photo by Matthew John Photography

There you have it, our newest additions to the fam. We are so excited about how different each couple's style is from the next and how adorable each couple is. I can feel it, this is gonna be our best year yet!