Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 1 of Summer: Guys in Suits!

Summer weddings are notorious for color and a more casual, laid back attitude. One place where you might find some unexpected style & color is with the guys. So often the guys' attire is an oversight, assuming they will just wear black tuxedos. In the summer we see a wide array of attire for the men, ranging from khaki suits or tuxes, to gray and even navy! I love the look this gives! For outdoor weddings, it is very nice of the bride to allow the guys to stay cool by not wearing suits. How about choosing a great pair of linen pants with matching ties, or some slacks and a tie? Plus, these not-so-typical suits make for some amazing photos!

Photos by Focused Exposure, Benfield Photography, The Hudsons.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10 Days of Summer...

Many people often believe that the summer is the most popular time to have a wedding, and by the looks of my calendar I would have to say that it is true! (But, did you know that September and October are just as busy as May & June in the wedding world?)

All of my summer weddings this year have been gorgeous and have made me fall in love with summer weddings all over again! There are just certain charms about a summer wedding...which leads me to my 10 Days of Summer!

Beginning Monday, June 30th I will post my favorite 10 things about summer weddings, along with some creative ideas for your very own. And for all of you new brides-to-be, hopefully this can inspire you as you begin planning for next year. I will post 1 item a day through July 11th, so check back daily!

Until then, I am busy gearing up for yet another fabulous summer soiree this weekend, when my high school friends Staci & Zach officially become 'The Ledfords!' And, I can't WAIT for their guests to see what they have in store!

Talk to you all on Monday! Have a sunny, fun weekend!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi everyone!

I am officially back from my wonderful vacation in the Bahamas, much more tan and still waking back up from a relaxing week. Thank you to everyone for the week away and putting things on hold for me to relax and enjoy my sweet hubby, my family, and my favorite place in the world.

Suzanne & Ben had a gorgeous June 14 wedding at the Inn at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville. It was a wonderful day, and I will share more soon! Keep coming back...

As we traveled around in the Bahamas I was hoping to see a wedding ceremony, meet a bride, or anything that I could snap a pic of! The closest I got was a girl on our flight out wearing a cute "Bride" bling tank top. But, since it was her first honeymoon day I did not bother her, as she looked exhausted. Mark and I estimated 5 couples on our plane that were honeymoon-bound, but then we also realized people might have thought that about us!

Needless to say, it all got me thinking about destination weddings. One of my very favorite elements about a wedding away is the opportunity you have to do some FABULOUS invitations, and other paper products. One element you must have for a destination wedding is a map for all of those out of town guests, whether it is out of the country or just a place that many of your guests are unfamiliar with. I suggest a map, or at least a directions card, for all of my clients. As I was buzzing around online, I came across the cutest maps! The website is Laura Hooper's calligraphy site, but she also creates fun maps for her clients as well. Click around on the site, but be sure to click the tab on the right that says "Maps, Monograms, and Logos." This is where the fun is! Here is an example of a San Diego map...

Another great product she has on her site are her custom tote bags with the map on them! These would be great welcome bags for your guests, loaded with goodies, local items, and suggestions for their weekend in town. With the map on the bag, they'll never get lost! I love it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Funny Dream...

After a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I cozied up with some of the new editions of my favorite bridal magazines. I came across a really fun section where brides have shared funny wedding nightmares they have had just before their big day. Here is my favorite (I think because my dad would do the same thing!):

"I had a dream...that my dad was about to walk me down the aisle and I realized that I didn't have a groom waiting for me at the altar! I begged my dad not to make me embarass myself in front of the guests, but he said he paid for this day and maybe I should have thought of that before-hand."

Here's a couple of shots of dads & daughters...their big moment together! From what I hear, it's a father's most anticipated and dreaded moment...

Lauren & "Doc"
Photo from Hudson Photos.

Josey & Dad

Photo from Family Photography.

Lauren & Dad

Photo from Benfield Photography.

The most famous FOTB...

And, now for my dad, the best Father of the Bride ya!

Photos from Stephen Thetford.

Be My Rock

I recently came across a great new resource through Modern Bride. While we all hope and pray that every couple's engagement process is a fun, smooth time, there are many who face unexpected challenges along the way. Because of illness, either of the bride or groom, a family member, or close friend, some couples can have to face some tough decisions about their wedding. Do we postpone or rush the wedding? Do we even proceed with the planning?

Be My Rock is a great resource for couples facing these kinds of decisions. It is an online community with articles, Q&A, and links to helpful organizations. It discusses some of the things you may not think of if you are going through planning a wedding, and dealing with an illness at the same time.

What a great thing Modern Bride is doing! Check it out at!