Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Funny Dream...

After a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I cozied up with some of the new editions of my favorite bridal magazines. I came across a really fun section where brides have shared funny wedding nightmares they have had just before their big day. Here is my favorite (I think because my dad would do the same thing!):

"I had a dream...that my dad was about to walk me down the aisle and I realized that I didn't have a groom waiting for me at the altar! I begged my dad not to make me embarass myself in front of the guests, but he said he paid for this day and maybe I should have thought of that before-hand."

Here's a couple of shots of dads & daughters...their big moment together! From what I hear, it's a father's most anticipated and dreaded moment...

Lauren & "Doc"
Photo from Hudson Photos.

Josey & Dad

Photo from Family Photography.

Lauren & Dad

Photo from Benfield Photography.

The most famous FOTB...

And, now for my dad, the best Father of the Bride ya!

Photos from Stephen Thetford.

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