Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Update!

Hey lovely blog readers! I thought I would fill you in on what's up with little Baby Dyer since so many of you are so sweet to check in!

It's Monday at lunch time and we still have no baby in our arms! At our appointment last week, everything was looking great and we were moving along nicely so they felt comfortable keeping the bun in the oven a bit longer. It was great news that everyone was looking healthy!

That night (Tuesday) I was just SURE I was in labor, as I had consistent contractions for over an hour, but not close enough to head to the hospital just yet. THEN they went away! I had some contractions here and there throughout the rest of the week and then the consistent ones returned for over 3 hours Friday morning. Mark even worked from home since they were continuing. And...same story, different day...they went away AGAIN! And finally, yesterday we thought we might be headed to baby land with about 5 hours of contractions, but you know the story.....

We head back to the doc on Wednesday if Dyer doesn't arrive before then. We are super surprised that he isn't here yet with all of this action, but are trusting the Lord's perfect timing for his birthday. We are also thankful for the good, healthy report and the added freedom from bed rest that came along with it! I get to head out on some little adventures (you may see me out for lunch, at the new Orange Mango on Dickson Street, or you may have seen me at church yesterday) that are WONDERFUL! Any and all of your prayers for a healthy and easy arrival are very much appreciated! Check back here for photos of Dyer once he arrives!


Rosanna said...

I hope he'll be here on March 30th. And we'll share the birthday ;;)

LoriB said...

Welcome to the unpredictable world of babies! They are in control before that even arrive. Ha! Can't wait to meet him. Take good care momma.