Thursday, March 4, 2010

Date Night Winner

I am one slow blogger. My days lately have been joyfully filled with preparations for Lucy's March wedding, now just days away, and preparing my nest to welcome Baby Dyer. We are also in full swing working on all of our Spring and summer weddings...if only that Spring weather would arrive, too!

About one month ago, I announced a Date Night Giveaway based on you (the readers) posting fun First Date stories. They were all great! It was too hard for me to pick on my own, so I used a Random Number Generator to pick the winning comment.

And the winner is............Tyler!

Here is her First Date comment:
My first date with Patrick is a little strange. He met me in the Ft. Smith Chili's (we weren't "officially" dating, so this is a long story that I'll tell you at lunch sometime), and I ate like a total fatty in front of him. It was the first time it had ever been just the two of us. He was supposed to just be passing through to head to his parents' house in NLR, but I convinced him to go with me to the skanky Village Pub to watch Sarah Edwards' dad's band play :) When he finally left to go to NLR at like, 1:00am, I knew he was a good one. He went with me to arguably one of the grossest, most smoke-infested joints in Ft. Smith and didn't complain at all. Until the next day when he was exhausted :)

Tyler has won a gift card to my favorite Fayetteville dress-up-with-my-honey, night-on-the-town restaurant, BORDINO'S. I hope you two enjoy a nice evening out on us!

(Tyler, email me your address to and I will send you your gift.)

Stay tuned to the blog for more fun as we gear up for the Spring!

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ty said...

oh happy day!