Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Brides

The air is getting colder, night time comes a little bit faster...winter is almost here! (Since I am not a cold weather fan, it seems to me like it has already arrived.)

One of the reasons I wanted a winter wedding for myself when I was a little girl was solely to have a "muff." You know, like the Disney princesses had, along with their beautiful white fur shrug or wrap. Well, I STILL love this look with all of my heart. It is so classic & beautiful, and I just love to see winter wedding photos where brides go for this style.

I love taking the traditional elements such as these, and finding new ways to twist them with a modern style. Here's a great example of the winter muff, with a fun twist....why not make it floral? I love this idea, which I found on Style Me Pretty. If any of you winter brides out there go for this look, please send pics!

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