Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a Great Team!

I am so proud of my Assistants, Ki & Kristen, who worked their first solo wedding in Fort Smith a couple of weeks ago. I was in NWA along with Haleigh at another wedding. I just wanted to brag on my girls and their talents in service, creativity, and organization. Here are notes from the bride & the mother of the bride from Ki & Kristen's solo wedding...the biggest compliment is that they felt our services were the best spent money for their wedding! Thanks Rachel & Cindy!

Jenessa, Ki and Kristen,
Thank you so very much for your guidance before the wedding and for EVERYTHING you did the weekend of Rachel and Brian's wedding. I can seriously say I could not have done it without you! Ki and Kristen were great. Everyone commented on how professional they were. I appreciate them taking charge and "handling" everything for the reception on the day of the wedding. It allowed me time to spend with Rachel and the girls, which meant alot to me. It was all great!
Thank you all so much!
Cindy McNally


Just wanted to tell you what an AMAZING job Ki and Kristen did last weekend. We could not have done it without them! They were so great! When Brian and I go to our hotel room Saturday night, the first thing Brian said was how great they were. He was very impressed that he didn't have a empty drink in his hand all night, and his drink was cold at all times! (That's a big deal to him!). haha But seriously, they are so great- you all were- and we were so glad to have you involved. Mom said having you guys was the best money we spent on the wedding, and I agree. Thank you so so much for everything! I hope the wedding you were at went as great as ours! To my knowledge, everything went off pretty much without a hitch (Ki and Kristen might know things I don't know!), but it was absolutely perfect. I appreciate everything that you, Ki, and Kristen did! Y'all are the best!


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