Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In the spirit of this wonderful holiday, I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to everyone for a great 2008! This is the perfect timing for a THANK YOU, as we concluded our year of weddings this past weekend with Jamey & Mike. It has been a great year...one of growing, learning, changing, and having a great time! It is all because of those who I work with that I am thankful.

I am thankful for my 15 brides and 15 grooms this year. Each of you had such distinct days, all beautiful and so unique to each of you. You brought joy to my days and taught me so much! It is for you that I strive to do my best.

I am thankful for the parents who were alongside us in the planning process. You all allowed your children to dream big, and have the weddings they had always hoped for. The love you all show your children is that which I hope to show to my own some day.

I am thankful for my wonderful team of Kristen, Ki, and Haleigh. You all have just outdone yourselves and have contributed greatly to our successful year. You each bring such individualized talents to the team, and I am thankful for the hard work and care you put into each wedding.

I am thankful for the great vendor community we have here in Northwest Arkansas. What a great world to be a part of! Each vendor I have the chance to interact with is so helpful, encouraging, and wants to work together for the best interest of the client. You all make my job an enjoyable one!

I am thankful for my supportive hubby, family, and friends who have encouraged me to follow my dream in this business. I don't think anyone else could sit and listen to me talk about weddings constantly as much as they do. I love you all!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year of weddings in 2008! I am so grateful! Don't forget to stop and let those you are thankful for know it this Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey & travel safely!

All my love,

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