Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Help

Are you a bride who sees her wedding design immediately, attends appointments wearing your wedding colors and knows the name of every last poesy in your bridal bouquet?

Are you a bride that has no clue about her wedding design, what the difference between lavender and eggplant is and is quickly settling for something that isn't 'quite right'?

Are you a bride with 10 different styles that you can't decide between, bringing 10 color swatches and 10 internet print-off inspiration boards with you in your bridal binder?

The design of your wedding is the first introduction to society of your "couple style." Your wedding could set the pace for all of the parties that you host in the future, according to some etiquette books. Most importantly, though, is that your wedding style reflect the kind of wedding day you want to experience! Style rules these days have been practically chunked out the window, so as far as the "look" of your wedding...make it as simple, sassy, or sophisticated as you like!

Back to the top of the post...did you answer "yes" to any of my questions? If so, we can be of help to you! No, you may not need a full scale planner, but you may need someone to put your mind at ease that your style is going to work & is headed in the right direction. We design & execute weddings full-time, for a living. A little reassurance from the pros can sometimes stop the spinning circles and get you moving along the path to wedded bliss.

If you're still spinning, call us today to set up an hourly consultation. We can help you determine a style, narrow down your options, or create a style for you (for those brides who think they are style-less, but most definitely are not!). We can talk about what will work best with your venue, what is realistic within your budget, and the steps to pull it all off.

Don't forget to take care of your mental health, girls! We're only one quick call away!

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