Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Knot's Wedding Trends Continued

We're back to The Knot's wedding trends for 2009, and I am excited about this very budget-friendly trend for the creative bride!

Day 4 is devoted to new ideas for centerpiece vessels. What is a vessel? Traditionally, you would see clear glass vases acting as your centerpiece "vessel" but we are hoping to see brides "think outside the vase" in 2009. Mixing & matching is certainly the way to go this year! Here are some fun, creative ideas to make this happen:

Look through your mother's, grandmother's, and friend's collection of pitchers for a more home-styled look. Flowers spilling out over the lip of a perfectly particular pitcher is very interesting! This option won't cost you a penny! If you need to find more than what is in your cabinets, head to garage sales, antique shops, and vintage stores for inexpensive finds. Here is a great example that sits in the Sincerely Yours Paper studio each day.

Any bowls, boxes, or unique containers you can find make great mix & match options.

Think about jars...mason jars are hot items for Southern weddings! Mason jars might run you a dollar or two each, and are perfect for smaller centerpieces for cocktail tables or accent pieces for your guest book or cake table. OR think about grouping several together for a centerpiece on a round table. Line them up in a straight line down the center of a long table for a mix of modern and Southern.

I hope you like your canned goods, because one of The Knot's most popular photos for centerpieces has been used cans wrapped in brightly colored, patterned paper and accented with ribbon. So cute! This would also be a great, inexpensive centerpiece for a shower or a party. Vintage cans are pretty adorable too!

An idea that I love for the bride who wants to use crisp white linens with a pop of color in her centerpieces is all about paint. Head to Hobby Lobby and choose some terra cotta pots or other ceramic containers that could easily be painted. (Again, a very inexpensive option!) Next, head to the paint or spray paint aisle. If you are a modern bride, look for bright colors in high gloss finishes. If you are a more traditional bride, look for softer tones with a matte finish. Next stop...home! Spread out the newspapers on your crafting area and get to painting. These colorful vessels can be filled with even brighter flowers, or if you are REALLY bold with your container you may choose to stick with neutral colored flowers. Remember that you could choose smaller pots or containers to paint to act as accent pieces to your main centerpiece. (Also remember that terra cotta pots have holes in the bottom and need to be sealed off before filling with water & flowers!)

Or, flip the idea and have brightly colored linens with a glossy white container and bright flowers!

If you are going for a more rustic style, think about wooden craft boxes. They are great naturally, or could be stained to fit the color you desire.

For a casual outdoor wedding, think about galvanized buckets as an option.

Wrapping a clear glass container with fabric, ribbon, or paper is another inexpensive way to transform the "same old" vase.

Garden urns can be romantic, rustic, and elegant all in one!

I hope you've enjoyed these images & ideas! You can find these centerpieces and many more in The Knot's Centerpieces Gallery.

What have you used to "think outside the vase?"

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