Friday, October 3, 2008

We DID...

say I DO two years ago today! The best day of my life was October 6, 2006 when I married my college sweetheart! Our wedding day was so much fun, and we loved spending the day with all of our family and friends. Mark, you are the best husband I could have ever asked for and I love you more and more each day! Being married to you is SO MUCH FUN!

A few things that I remember about being the bride...and advice for you...

1. EAT! This, I did not do...until my sister forced me to eat grapes, and boy were they delicious!

2. SLEEP! Do not stay up all night long the night makes you very sleepy. I was just TOO excited!

3. While these are quickly disappearing, I had a receiving line and I loved it. It was so humbling to get to say THANK YOU to each and every guest who came. Once the line was done, we had done our "duty" of speaking to all of the guests and got to spend the rest of the evening doing what we wanted to the most...dancing the night away with our best friends!

4. Seeing Mark before the ceremony was the best part of the day. And, it didn't take anything away from the big walk down the aisle. (Except for butterflies.) We had our private time to talk, pray, and just take it all in for a few minutes, and the rest of the day we were surrounded by other people. It was the best decision that I was talked into by far!

There is a lot more about our wedding day that I would gladly share. But, above all the midst of the hustle & bustle, I got to become Mrs.Bailey! It was the best day of my life!

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Benfield Photography said...

Congrats J! You two are the cutest dang couple!