Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding First Dances: 2 Do Not's & 2 Definitely Do's

Take my word. Take Ki's word. We have seen it one too many times now....the first dance goes wrong. Strike that...the first dance MUSIC goes wrong.

Let's set the scene. You've hired a band, or any type of live music, for your reception. BUT, you and your groom {or you & dad, or groom & mom} have a special song that the band doesn't have on their playlist. You've got the song for them on CD or your iPod, and maybe you've even taken a few lessons to show off your moves as a married couple.

This is the part that we have seen too many times. You make your grand entrance, head to the dance floor, aaaaand.....nothing happens. The CD won't play. Or maybe it's the wrong song when you've planned every step, swirl, and dip to that song. And now it's awkward. The moments leading up to this moment make me, the trusty old coordinator, hold my breath every time.

So, here is my expert opinion, summed up in 2 Do Not's and 2 Definitely Do's.

My first piece of advice is DO NOT go with the burned CD to provide your first dance music. There are too many times when the finicky CD decides that it does not want to play on any other player than the one on which you made it. Bands have intricate sound systems, run by computers, where songs have to be recognized, loaded, etc... all before they can play. One missed step and it's awkward silence all around. You should also opt OUT of the iPod option. Just like the CD, you never know when your equipment is going to decide to be picky.

My second piece of advice is DO NOT choreograph a dance that will just work with one song. In the case that something does go wrong and a last minute Plan B has to happen, you want to be able to enjoy a first dance to another song. Also, sometimes the nerves can get a little high with a choreographed dance and if someone makes one wrong move it could be difficult to smoothly transition back into the correct steps. I call this whole thing the "choreography curse."

Enough of the do not's...let's get to the good stuff.

DO choose songs that your band plays in their typical playlist. You can avoid the entire scenario above if you choose live music for your first dances. If they were to have an issue with sound, they know how to fix it, and would probably have caught it during sound check. You are guaranteed that there will be no awkward silence if you go with the live option.

DO take dance lessons! Learn a few sets of steps as a couple that you can piece together as you go. Practice it a lot to different beats and songs. This will also allow you to strut your skills throughout the night, since you weren't focused on learning just ONE dance. And you can use your moves long after your wedding day, too!

These moments kick off your reception, and you want to do it with style. We LOVE live music at receptions and highly encourage you to go ALL live or ALL DJ with your choice. Try your best not to mix & match for a smooth and easy start to your reception. Take a deep breath and take in every moment as that new hubby of yours spins you around the dance floor!

Thanks for the image, Benfield Photography!

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