Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dyer's First Razorback Game

So, this has nothing to do with weddings or being a bride but I am ADDICTED to this picture of my sweet boy. So addicted that I just had to share. He called the Hogs with the best of 'em, handled the fireworks like a champ, took a bottle & a nap in the 2nd quarter, visited friends in the 3rd quarter donning the cutest Hog hat ever, and called it a night in the 4th. Enjoy my Boss Hog!

OK and one more in the hat!


mkmcclary said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jozibeth said...

i love all the beautiful weddings you have done! they just look amazing! i was wondering where that adorable baby hog hat came from! i would love to get one for a friend!