Monday, September 27, 2010

Introducing Ann Brooks Wizer

I am super excited to welcome Ann Brooks Wizer to the J.Bailey Occasions staff for 2010! Ann has been a part of the team now for a couple of months, and already has a few weddings under her belt. And, I must say that this country-music-loving, always upbeat lady is a wonderful addition to the crew.

Ann is assisting in the office with wedding tasks, business tasks, and just about anything I can dream up for her to do! Thankfully, she always says 'yes' when I ask for her help. You may receive emails or phone calls from her cheerful voice (or cheerful typing!) on our behalf. She is in full swing and ready to help you out as well.

One exciting part of Ann's job is that she is going to be introducing a new mini-series on the blog. It's called Wedding Woes and Wisdom, and is made up of two elements: Part One for Brides-to-Be, and Part Two for Mothers of the Bride. You'll be hearing from some of our favorite brides and moms who have experienced wedding planning from the 'she said yes' to the 'I do'...beginning to end! They have an abundance of wisdom and advice for you to learn from. Check back soon for the first WW&W post from Ann.

If you need to contact her, please email her at! Help me welcome Ann to the lovely world of wedding planning!

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LoriB said...

Welcome Ann. Can't wait to get to know you more. Glad to have you in the professional wedding world.