Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Weekend 2010

Happy snow WEEKEND to everyone in Northwest Arkansas! It has been such a fun, relaxing weekend with the hubby here and a warm, cozy home to enjoy. Since I am under "strict orders" (from my hubby & momma) to not do anything where I could fall down---AKA, run around in the snow, go for walks on ice covered sidewalks, or even walk out to the mailbox---I substituted four-wheeler rides and snowman building with nesting, organizing, and planning. {Who needs a frost bitten face with frozen snot on it anyway, right?} It is really sinking in that Baby Boy Bailey (or Little D) will be arriving before we know it. Only 9 and a half weeks until his due date of April 7th!

Until then, the nesting will continue.Yesterday I tackled our kitchen cabinets. Let me tell you something about the way I do this whole nesting gig...I throw things OUT big time. In the end, our kitchen now has 3 entire sets of cabinets that are EMPTY. Yes, completely cleaned out with room to grow. There are boxes of things that are yet to be decided upon...garage sale in winter OR donate/give away? Take a peek into my kitchen on Saturday.

Here are the For Sale/Giveaway/Donate items strewn out across my countertops and temporarily held in a tub until further decision is made. And just so you know, I do love some of these items but like I said, I'm being very honest with myself about what should stay and what should really go. First thing to go...Mark's set of 4 John Deere glasses. Pretty sure they haven't been touched since the day he moved in.

Did I mention that I have a label maker? I went a bit crazy with it on the cabinets, so now everything has its place. Putting the dishes away just got A LOT easier for Mark Bailey. Right, honey?

I also jumped on the guest bathroom cabinets after the kitchen was finished up. Mark works for a Wal-Mart vendor that makes many popular body products, like lotions, deodorants, hair care, body wash, etc... Needless to say, if you are a guest at our house you don't need to bring any toiletries (except your own toothbrush!) because our cabinets are stocked and ready. I threw out the old stuff and rearranged the new, exciting products. I even categorized them by men, women, and gender neutral products so that they are easy to access when a house guest says "I left my soap at home." No worries here!

Last but not least, our boy Jack has loved the snowy backyard! He has been in and out all weekend. One of his very favorite things to do when he gets excited is SPRINT like crazy. You have to look out---he is 110 lbs and doesn't let anything stand in his way. In the video below, Mark has just taken him out back to have some fun so the excitement is pretty cute. (And, yes, he does this inside the house.) Pardon the camera noises & focusing; we are still learning how to use the video setting on the camera.

Untitled from Jenessa Bailey on Vimeo.

We also spent some fun time having dinner with friends who live around the corner on Friday night (thank you Marc & Michelle and Matt & Kara, oh and Boss too for inviting us over!) and on Saturday night we got dressed up and hit the town for Aubs' and Katie's birthday celebration at Savor. It was just enough time out to keep the cabin fever from getting too high for me. Today I have tackled the baby's closet, now cleaned out & ready. Lots of his clothes are already hanging on tiny blue hangers.

Enjoy! I hope your snowy weekend has been equally productive or UNproductive as mine! Check back this week as I blog about an unexpected snowfall for a February 2009 wedding that we planned. It's a lot of fun!


Benfield Photography said...

Your labeled cabinets are hilarious! Maybe you could rub off on Mere. Just...a... little. :)

ty said...

i love your nesting :) donations accepted at the sowers casa, hahhaa.

Tracee said...

Totally loved the Jack video! Wow! He is gorgeous.