Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Rock Wedding Coordinator: Rebekah and Caleb Tie the Knot

Our 2010 year of weddings is off to a wonderful start, with the new Mr. and Mrs. Bloyd tying the knot on January 9th. This Bartlesville, OK couple presented us with one of the smoothest wedding days ever! I have to give TONS of credit to the bride, Rebekah, and her mom, Debbie, for planning this Little Rock wedding so well!

You can check out the gorgeous portraits of Rebekah and Caleb over on the fun, fresh, fabulous blog of Benfield Photography. This week, Dale will continue to post lots of beautiful images of this winter wedding so head their way to check those out!

In the mean time, I wanted to share our 3 favorite details from this wedding weekend (Ki snapped some quick pics). Rebekah and her mom completed all of the planning for this wedding on their own and then brought in our team to allow them a stress-free, enjoyable weekend with friends and family. We can't take any credit for these fun details!

My first favorite detail was one that was more than likely unnoticed by most guests, but perfectly displayed for those who loved it. On the bride's family table, we were able to display the cake topper from not only her parent's wedding (I am pretty sure they told me that it was about 30 years ago! Love that!) but also the delicate cake topper from her grandparent's wedding! If I remember correctly, Grandma shared that their wedding was in the early 50's, making this cake topper close to 60 years old. The candle figures on the left are the grandparents' and the bride and groom on the right are the parents'.

My second favorite detail was the way the food was displayed. Only a preggo wedding coordinator would set up shop next to the buffet line, so you know I noticed it! Just kidding... Pleasant Valley Country Club did a beautiful job of displaying the food so well. Be sure to ask your caterer about their presentation. The food can be just as much of a show stopper as any flowers or decor. You want it to look lovely! Check out these snapshots...

My third favorite detail is probably one of my favorite winter wedding details I have seen so far in my time planning weddings. The guests loved the Hot Chocolate Bar, and so did I!

For the real deal images, remember to scope out the Benfield Photography Blog this week. You can also catch this video that Dale captured as their wedding party entered the reception. What a great photographer--he captured a quick video while Meredith got the still shots knowing that Rebekah and Caleb would love to have this moment captured in motion.

Untitled from Dale Benfield on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Rebekah and Caleb and all of the Johnson & Bloyd crews! Thank you for making our job so easy & enjoyable, and for treating us so well as a part of your wedding celebration!


gina saulsbury said...

jenessa! this wedding reception looked like so much fun. I adore the wedding cake toppers! I am about to e-mail my mom and see if she still has hers! (: Your comment about the food display made me laugh! And last but not least, the hot chocolate table was a really cute idea too!

Emily said...

i watched that video and got so emotional! i knew caleb at osu, but totally didn't even think about the fact that i would recognize several groomsmen! and then read dale's blog today and saw the OSU groom's cake. it made me miss college so much! hope you guys are doing well! can't wait to meet that precious baby of yours! :)