Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maggie and Austin: Day 1...My Favorite Portrait

This week we are going to be featuring Maggie & Austin's gorgeous 8-8-09 wedding ALL WEEK! Fantastic Arkansas wedding photographers Dale and Meredith from Benfield Photography once again hit this one out of the park with their beautiful work. I may even throw in a few of my photos that I snapped with my new camera!

Today I am going to kick it off with one photo. My ultimate favorite portrait taken in their time together prior to the wedding ceremony. Seeing each other prior to the ceremony is a must in my book for many, many reasons. Getting the time to capture moments like this is one of them. (Of course, I won't make you see each other before but I can tell you a long list of why to do it!)

I love their smooch, how she is dipped back just a tad, how she is holding her bouquet, and the gorgeous drive of the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm (only one of my many FAVE things about this uber-charming Southern venue).

Dale is also showcasing his favorite portraits today over on his blog. I'm sure he will have MANY more that you will love. Click here and go check it out.

Come back tomorrow for details galore...and trust me there are lots to look at!

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