Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Planning Internships

I get asked a lot of questions as a wedding coordinator. On wedding days, I am often called J.Lo (which is fine by me, as my nickname is Jenny from the Block) and asked where my fanny pack and earpiece are.

Even more often than that question, I get emails and phone calls from eager students interested in internships and part-time jobs. They want to be just like J.Lo, too! Good news to all of you...J.Bailey Occasions is closing in on posting 2 internships! Please stay tuned to the blog & website this week for the postings, how to apply, the hiring process, and the timeline for getting your paperwork in and your interview complete.

Until then, sit tight on your emails and phone calls and enjoy the rest of your week!

Also, if you have a moment today, please send up a prayer for my dear friend Lauren and her hubby Corby as they become parents of sweet baby Harper today!

1 comment: said...

My best friend and I are students and we are lookingfor wedding planning internships. This has been a lifelong dream for both of us and it was pure coincidence that we both met. I see that this was posted in 2009, but do you have any advice on where we should start looking, or do you happen to know of any wedding coordinators that do internships? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

~Niki & Ashley~