Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Southern Sippin'

I came across this idea that was recently posted on Brides.com, and thought I would share since the warmth of spring is slowly sneaking in on us...I am tickled to pull out my peep toes and sun dresses!

My brides are true Southern ladies, and when I think of a sunny afternoon with Southern girls, I think of lemonade on the patio! I love this cute idea for a sunny outdoor spring or summer wedding, a cute bridal luncheon, or even a baby shower! The great thing about this project is that it is so inexpensive, I can't imagine passing it up.

After doing a little research on these jars & lids at Candle Soylutions, I figured up some pricing for you. To have 120 of these simple, sweet signature drinks you would come in at under $120!!! Yes, that is less than $1 each! You would still need the lemonade and the straws, but the containers are so great and a perfect bang for your budget!

One other item to point out is that a signature drink does not necessarily have to be an alcoholic beverage. I would love to attend a wedding reception with some yummy raspberry tea, strawberry or blueberry lemonade! A non-alcoholic signature drink is another budget saver and something that your caterer might include at no additional cost.

Let me know if you use this idea for your party or wedding! I would love to post some photos!

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