Friday, January 30, 2009

The Benny Pictures!

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping their power on! We have been quite blessed with power for most of the week, with only a few hours of a dark house. It has been a fun adventure here with lots of friends ("refugees") and their pets staying at Hotel Bailey.

I have been anticipating writing this blog for quite some time! The Benny Awards were one week ago today, and Dale & Meredith have been blogging fun posts throughout the week all about how the night unfolded. I thought I would share some of the great detail shots and then some party shots that their team captured.

In case you are wondering what The Benny Awards was, it was an appreciation party for the 2008 & 2009 wedding clients of Benfield Photography. Dale created a website where anyone could go & vote for their favorite photos in many different categories, such as Best Kiss, Best Engagement Portrait, and even Best Dance Performance. After the votes were tallied, clients were invited to the party {created by our area's top notch vendors} and the awards were announced. Some of the prizes were gallery wrapped canvases of bridal portraits, couture wedding albums, and even a customize pack of Jones Soda! It was a treat to get to design the concept for the entire event, and bring it to life. I loved the end result! It was all so much fun...check out the photos below.

Our first step was to hang our custom ceiling treatment, made by yours truly and Meredith! We used silk orchids and lots of strands of "crystals" to create the look. It was a challenge keeping all of the strands from tangling, but well worth it in the end. It looked great and we've already had someone ask to rent it for their wedding!

I wanted to create a fun statement piece for our bar area, as it was a major focal point in the room. I utilized Eventures' swanky light-up bar as the base. The branches are manzanita branches I ordered online, and then they were spray painted white (thanks Ki!). We filled two large cylinder vases with water and tinted them with the blue food coloring found in the Neon food coloring pack. The light up bar then shone through and created this dramatic effect...

We also had a fun idea of creating a red carpet entrance for all of the guests. Even the paparazzi were there! Here are the girls setting up the backdrop, which included all of the participating vendors' logos.

And here is the result...everyone had A LOT of fun with this, like my past clients Lauren & Dusty Mayhall...

We had a color palette of a dark teal, royal blue, silver and white. We wanted a very clubby atmosphere with great lighting. Check out the details I pulled together to turn the concept into a reality.

Julie did a great job on the flowers!

Here you can see more of the room, complete with Dale's favorite Chivari chairs and some swanky lounge furniture in the back.

This shot was taken before the guests arrived and the lights weren't turned down yet.

We let guests know that this was a "dessert and drinks event" via the invitation. The Event Group knocked our socks off with the both delicious tasting and eye-catching creations they brought.

Here is a fun shot of my favorite NWA DJ's getting set up. Groove Productions kept the night pumping with great music, and also accompanied our lighting treatments with more swanky designs from their light bar.

Let the party is one of my 2009 couples checking out their options at the bar. I wonder if they got the signature drink of the night, The Benfield Breeze...

I had a great time visiting with some of my couples, both past and present. Here are Felicia (2009 client) and her friend Candice (since Casey wasn't in town for the weekend) enjoying the party, and also I found some time to chat with the Mayhall's from 2008!

And, finally, the wonderful hosts of the party! Dale & Meredith! What a treat you all gave to your clients. Everyone loved the party and felt so special, just as our clients should. Thank you for the opportunity to create this event from scratch and also for your friendship and support! Oh, and for that little surprise at the end of the night...

You can check out A LOT more at the Benfield Blog!

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