Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Benny Awards: The Work Began Today

Today, Meredith and I spent much longer (ha!) than we expected with our friends at the Fayetteville Town Center preparing for The Benny Awards tomorrow night. Luckily, we love them and that made the day really fun!

We spent the time working on our ceiling treatment of crystals and orchids! It looks gorgeous, and we have the pictures to show for our work. These shots were taken with my point & click, so they are not the best quality by any means and we had no lighting in the room besides the overheads 30 feet up. I just thought you might enjoy seeing the "before" photos...and shots of me doing my job rather than just the end product! *So sorry that the pictures are not rotated properly! I just noticed, but I am headed out the door for the night. Check back later if you want to see them fixed!*

Here is Meredith putting the finishing touches on our ceiling treatment. Helpful tip: Do not let fishing line get tangled!

We organized the strands on the floor before we had them lifted.

Up, up, and away! Ashton and I rode the SkyJack up to attach the poles to the ceiling beams, and then connected the pieces together.

So, I let Meredith take the final joy ride of the day. See, my clients have a great time!

We can't wait to continue working tomorrow morning and getting the room pulled together. Check back next week for the scoop on this fun event!

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