Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I want to send out a very excited "Happy Anniversary" to two of my couples from August 2007! I can't believe you are already celebrating a year of marriage. It seems like your weddings were just a few months ago.

First, Kate & Will Richardson were married on August 4th last year. They are both now in graduate school in Texas. My favorite memory from their wedding is thinking about how much fun all of their guests had, despite a very hot Arkansas day. Their band rocked and the dance floor was PACKED with their friends, parents, and family. I got to observe from the 2nd floor of the Pratt Place Barn and realized that they were surrounded with so much love, support, and friendship. What a fun thing to see!

And, my other August '07 client was Josey & Nathan Wagner. They were married on August 25th so their anniversary is just a couple of weeks away. Their anniversary isn't the only thing on its way...they are welcoming a sweet baby girl in November!

Happy anniversary to all of you! What an honor to be able to think back on your exciting days and realize that I got to be a small part of it all. I hope that you are continually blessed through your marriages and that you are using them as a way to love and serve those around you.

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