Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Garage Sale Sneak Peek

The buzz is out {according to all of the Facebook comments I have received}! I am having a garage sale this Friday! My sweet hubby helped me to clean out the J.Bailey Occasions storage unit...a much needed task...and now the goods are up for you to steal! I have tons of cylinder vases ($1-$3), gently loved white pillar candles & votive candles (10 cents to $1), and some fun & funky event decor (all under $20).

As the week progresses I will be adding more items including home decor, office supplies, kitchen gadgets, men & women's clothing, and just about anything I come across in the attic or closets! I've been told that I am still nesting, even after having the little man, so you know that means the closets are being cleared. It feels SOOO good! Some people have asked if there will be any baby boy gear or clothes in the sale. We aren't including any of that just yet...maybe the next time!

I am planning to have a pre-sale on Thursday evening, from 6-8 PM, and then the actual garage sale will be Friday morning beginning at 7:00 and ending hopefully no later than 11:00 AM. Check back later in the week for the address and the official times for the sale. For now, here are some pics I snapped to peak your interest...CLICK HERE to check them out!

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BCraftie said...

Will so be there Thursday night as soon as I get off work! Planning a wedding for Sept. 24th - what don't I need! :-)