Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuck in the Snow

Yep, after posting that we are headed to the land of fun & sun, we are now stuck in the winter wonderland of...Dallas! Who would've guessed. Not us!

We are hoping to be on the next flight out at 11:35 but if not we know we are on our way at 1:20, as long as that flight isn't cancelled. We have encountered truly lovely, helpful airline attendants and one not-so-lovely lady as well. Now we are sitting between two disgruntled business passengers on their phones griping about their jobs. Ick--I just want to see the sun with my honey.

The kind of funny (maybe not so funny) thing is that I booked us through Dallas to avoid this very thing--winter weather dealys. But, here we are, going with the flow and hoping to be on our way soon. Say a prayer for us!!

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