Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 1: Bringing Wedding Trends to Your Wedding in Arkansas

According to there are 9 new wedding trends for 2009! Many of them are GREAT for Southern Weddings...and I'm going to show you how to bring them home to Arkansas over the next 9 days!

The first trend they list is Rustic Details. Are you kidding me? Arkansas should be a HOT wedding destination! Don't you agree? Here in Fayetteville, the classiest (and my favorite) rustic venue is the Pratt Place Barn. It has become a very popular wedding spot, especially in the Spring when the leaves are green and the Fall among the beautiful changing leaves atop a Fayetteville hill. You should also stop by and check out their DREAMY new Inn!

Some rustic details might include incorporating iron lanterns lining the path to your wedding, or acting as your centerpieces, or my fave idea of all...have your bridesmaids carry small iron lanterns with a glowing candle inside and decorated with a few small orchid blooms. These could then act as decor for your reception once girls arrive at the party.

You could even carry a gorgeous wheat bouquet like this bride did recently. Did you know wheat is a symbol of fertility? Check out this bridal portrait by Benfield Photography. Gorgeous!

Don't forget about outdoor or home weddings. I love them! You can do so much with a home wedding since you aren't paying a venue rental fee or sticking to their rules. We could get VERY creative together!

Let's all embrace the joy that rustic details are HOT for 2009! We live in the right spot! Tomorrow's trend? All about color!

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Benfield Photography said...

Oooohhhh... I love it! Can't wait to learn more. I sound like a girl. But seriously, I love this stuff! :)