Monday, September 22, 2008

Kylie & Brett...Details!

Happy Monday everyone! This week is full of fun things for us here at J.Bailey Occasions, namely the Bridal Fair coming up on Sunday. Don't forget to check back for more Bridal Fair survival tips this week!

Thanks to Dale & Meredith over at Benfield Photography, I have gotten a sneak peek at Kylie & Brett's wedding pictures from a couple of weekends ago. Here, I am stealing their details from their blog. There is A LOT more to see on Benfield's Blog, so hurry over & check it out after you finish reading here!

Here are my 10 favorite things from K&B's Big Day...

~Brett's Midnight Snack in place of a groom's cake. Kylie surprised Brett with 'to-go' bags for all of the guests. We created custom labels to seal the bags and filled them with yummy sandwiches from Jimmy John's.

~Kylie wasn't afraid to mix & match patterns and fun colors that you might not expect to see together. We used a beautiful black & white damask print throughout the event, accented with a dark teal, a bright pea green, and subtle splashes of a great magenta here and there.

~The Lord showed his good grace on us, and in the middle of a hurricane gave us only 3 minutes of showers that day. Thankfully, everyone was flexible and quickly adapted to the changes that needed to be made.

~Fireworks! Brett and his dad worked together with friends to put on a spectacular fireworks show for all of the guests.

~The Drink Station. As we were planning an outdoor celebration in the middle of September, we knew heat & humidity would be a factor to consider. We created a fun drink station for the guests at the ceremony. We had two beautiful containers, one filled with water and the other with lemonade. We dressed up the table with sliced lemons, green garlands, and Kylie's handmade damask drink umbrellas. All of the guests loved & appreciated this detail that was SO easy for us to do!

~Kylie made some music choices for her ceremony that weren't as traditional as expected. She walked down the aisle to her groom to an acoustic version of the song "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison, sung by one of her childhood friends. They ended the night with their last dance to this song as well.

~Fun decor! We brought in my sparkly black chandeliers to dress up the walkway where guests would enter the reception. We also hung lanterns outside above the dance floor.

~Kylie & Brett showed their parents' wedding photos alongside their wedding cake. This was a sweet touch for guests to look at and also a way to personalize something special for the families.

~OZZIE! Kylie & Brett's little, not a baby...their cutie bichon puppy escorted Kylie's mother down the aisle. He did a great job! Kylie found a black & white damask leash and we adorned his neck with a collar of bright flowers.

~They're married! Kylie & Brett have been such a fun couple to get to know and their wedding reflected their style and personalities so well. More than anything at the end of the day, the best part of every wedding for me is that the happy couple starts their new life together. How cool that we get to be a part of making that day happen!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wilson!

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