Friday, September 5, 2008

The Dress: Be Prepared for the Fitting

In my new series of 'tips' for the bride & groom, I would like to highlight a pre-wedding event that is very important to handle properly...the dress fitting! This was one of my favorite parts of being a bride, and many of my clients feel the same way. You've waited weeks, or even months, for your wedding gown to arrive and now you get to put it on!

Here are some tips to prepare for your fitting:

1. Bring all of the undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day. This will ensure the best fit of your wedding gown. Don't forget the bra, body shaper, petticoat, etc... And, since you've purchased these in advance, you can check it off of the wedding to-do list.

2. Bring the shoes you will be wearing to ensure the length of the dress will be properly hemmed.

3. Take a friend! You'll want a second pair of eyes to help.

4. Wedding dresses are heavy, and you'll be standing still for quite a while. Nab a bottle of water and stash it in your bag to take with you. Be careful to drink while you are in your dress. A straw is usually a surefire way to eliminate spills on the dress.

5. Bring a camera! This is a fun occasion you will want to document!

6. Easy on the makeup. As you get in and out of your dress you don't want to pass makeup from your face to the dress. Be especially careful about foundation and lipstick!

Enjoy your dress fitting. It's finally your gown--not the rack sample that is 5 sizes too big or small. Just think...soon you will be wearing it to marry your sweet hubby!

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