Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 2: Keeping you and your Guests Cool...in creative ways!

As everyone knows, summer weddings can get a little....warm! This Day goes out to all of you brides having or guests attending an outdoor wedding or reception.

For the bride...a new concept in aisle style is the personalized parasol. I love the chic look of a bride with a pop of color, and this is a great way to accomplish that without having to wear color. You may be thinking, "I don't want to carry a parasol down the aisle with me!" This makes for gorgeous photos, so even if it is a little splurge for some fun shots, it is well worth it! Here is a great example of a bridal custom parasol...

Now for the wedding party! I do love these coming down the aisle, especially in a beach setting! But remember that once they walk down the aisle with them, they either have to hold them or have a place to put them. There are lots of fun things you could do with wedding party parasols, such as create the altar or stage area out of them for an outdoor ceremony.

Or, for just a tiny bit of this look, use your tiniest wedding party member...the flower girl! This is adorable, and something she could keep and use or play with after the wedding.

Now for the guests. Every one of my brides who have had an outdoor ceremony have been concerned with their guests sitting in the shining sun. A creative solution to this is to have baskets of small umbrellas available for them as they enter your ceremony area. I love the "Stay Cool" tag idea! I also love the look that the colorful parasols down the aisle give. If a guest gets too warm, all they have to do is pick it up!

You can also make double use out of your wedding programs, creating them as a handheld fan. These are great to have already placed in the seats prior to the ceremony. One obstacle that is often forgotten with outdoor events is the wind! Programs are easily blown away when stacked and left unattended at a table. Laying them or hanging them at each seat is a hopeful way of preventing this laughable situation.

If you don't want your program to act as the fan, use a bright alternative to add a pop of color to your ceremony. These would look gorgeous laid out on a table or placed in each seat.

One other nice treat for your guests is to provide a cool beverage for them to sip during the ceremony. One of my brides had personalized bottles of water. I also suggest a nice set-up where guests can make a glass of cold lemonade, water, or sweet tea. (Can you tell I am a Southern girl?)

And now for my favorite new idea for outdoor weddings! (This could definitely be carried to any indoor wedding with lots of dancing...) The TIE TREE for the guys...

Men, especially young men, who attend weddings and like to boogie often face the question of what to wear. They know if they wear a suit and tie they are more than likely going to get a little hot and sweaty on the dance floor. The tie tree is the perfect solution!

Simply place a tie rack near the dance floor with a small sign explaining this fun way to keep cool. You will need to provide stickers or tags for the men to attach with their name to their tie so no one takes off with the wrong one! What a great way to keep cool!

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