Friday, March 21, 2008

Association of Bridal Consultants

I am excited to announce that I have completed all of my coursework to upgrade to a higher designation with my professional association, Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). In case you're wondering what courses a wedding planner would need to take, here's the overview....

Weddings As A Business, a comprehensive course on the business side of things
Sales & Marketing
Planning & Consulting
Wedding Day
Related Services

Each of these courses was completed with a test. The courses are always fun and interesting, as they throw in interesting facts about weddings. I've had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of weddings based on tradition, culture, religion, and many other things.

When you work with an ABC member, like myself, you can count on them to abide by a Code of Ethics. Our Code includes:

~Representing each client fairly & honestly, providing all agreed-to services in a timely and cost-efficient manner
~Establishing reasonable and proper fees for services and provide written estimates to each client
~Using honest, factual advertising
~Dealing with employees fairly, in an unbiased manner
~Operating a business that is a credit to the Association and the community
~Disclosing to clients any payments received from suppliers.

Using an ABC Member is the best way to a wonderful wedding day!

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Benfield Photography said...

Congratulations, Jenessa! That's really great!