Saturday, November 20, 2010


As my husband, Mark, and I have experienced great loss over the past week, we have also been renewed with a spirit of thanksgiving for many reasons. You see, Mark lost a lifelong friend last week very unexpectedly. Josh Neal was one of the boys that Mark can claim knowing literally from birth, and OH MY the pictures of them growing up are hilarious & awkward, just like any pictures of us experiencing life as adolescents. Josh and Mark's parents have been best friends for quite some time, so even when distance got in between friendships we were always able to know what was going on with each other.

In the midst of this time, the thought of gratitude has been pressed upon our hearts. We are thankful for the opportunity for Mark to have grown up with such a fun friend. We are thankful for the example that Josh's parents have set for us as we raise our little one. We are thankful for the love-filled life that Josh led with his precious wife, Laura, and how we realize that we need to have as much fun as they have had in their marriage.

Above all else, we are grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us on the cross, and the promise that came along with it. He died so that we might live a life of freedom, filled with grace and mercy no matter how much we screw up or how big our mistakes are. The Lord's grace is abundant. We don't deserve it, but it is. Josh loved the Lord and believed in His promises, and now we are able to have peace in our hearts that Josh is walking side by side with Jesus. Literally, he gets to hang out with Him! How cool is that? If you haven't had the chance to know about what Jesus has to offer with no strings attached I hope that you will contact me so that I can tell you how wonderful it is. All He asks is that you do your best, and when we fall short He is right there to pick us back up.

We are blessed.

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