Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wedding Woes and Wisdom: Mother Knows Best

This week's Mother Knows Best comes from the Memphis belle, Denise Rose. She is the mother of the now Chelsea Jewell, who married the handsome Seth on May 29, 2010. Denise was a mom who was very involved in the process for a multitude of reasons. Number One, she was the only one of us on the planning team in the event city! Number Two, smarty-pants Chelsea and Seth were both juggling graduate school at the time. And Number Three, she is a super crafty, super creative mom who had lots of great ideas. Read on to learn more from this Mother of the Bride...

What did you enjoy most about your daughter’s wedding day?

I enjoyed the entire thing! I especially loved seeing how much she was enjoying herself and how all the planning was worth it!

Was there any detail about the wedding and reception that made it unique to your daughter and her personality?

I think the entire wedding had her personality in it. She was very specific on many of the details and we made sure to try to think of everything that would make the day special for them. However, having the reception at a fabulous new building at the Memphis Zoo was really quite appropriate for her personality. When she was a baby and would get really fussy, I would put her in her stroller and head straight to the zoo to walk around. It would always calm her and she loved it there. It was quite special then to have her wedding reception there many years later!

What would have made wedding planning an easier and more enjoyable experience?

It would have been a little easier if she had lived here in the city where she was getting married, but really, with the help of Jenessa and email and the internet, it really wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it would be with her living five hours away during the planning process.

What expense was well worth the cost?

Definitely having Jenessa and her team! I would have never believed it before we did this, but I was truly able to enjoy the entire event and every moment of it without having to worry about things getting done. I have had so many guests comment since the wedding of how smoothly everything went and how relaxed I looked. We also had the best photographer and they also made things very special for the bride and groom’s wedding day and worked very well with Jenessa and her team, so the money spent on that was also worth the cost.

If a mother of the bride is not seeing eye to eye with her daughter when planning a wedding, what advice would you give her?

I think every mother and daughter have their own way of dealing with conflict, so this one is hard to answer. I would just say that trying to let each person explain their point of view on a disagreement calmly is the most important thing. It is sometimes difficult to get your point across on something when emotions are involved, and this is very evident when planning a wedding! I do think keeping a priority list of the things that are MOST important to the bride herself from the beginning helps to keep things on track and helps to avoid some disagreements in the planning process.

How involved were you with the wedding planning? Do you wish you would have been more or less involved?

I did as much as I wanted to do. I tried to help by doing some things that my daughter couldn’t do because she was finishing up her Master’s degree while planning the wedding, but having Jenessa was great because she helped with the timing part of when we needed to do what, and that was something I was a little unsure about. I think I was the right amount of involved for me. I felt like I did something, but also let my daughter do the things she wanted to do too, so it all worked out beautifully!

Thank you, Mrs.Denise! Great advice for all of the mommas out there!

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